Brexit to Germany

As the English people decided to leave the EU, the tax consequences will be tough and a brexit to Germany is a great option. There is no reasonable way to stay in the UK if you want to make business within the European Union.

Deciding what country would be best to continue or to start your European business, Germany would be a good choice. As the center of Europe Germany is the last country to leave the European Union. All people speak English and you will find flights to each German city easily.

Companies can be set up with one Euro starting capital and the yearly obligations for reporting are less strict than in other countries. Alternatively, you could also start business without a company or a permanent establishment (PE) in Germany. This way you do not have monthly rental cost and you can still decide later on, when business starts booming, to form a company (see above Easy start without an office).

You do not even need a German company to employ people here in Germany, so this is another easy way to start business in Germany and test the German market.

Tax consultants and lawyers offer advice for fair prices. In the UK it is “London London London” and they all need to pay London rents and London wages. In Germany there are a lot of big cities hosting the international companies. Duesseldorf is one of them. Duesseldorf has always been the city for international business. It is not focused on capital income issues like the companies in Frankfurt. Duesseldorf´s airport is very close to Duesseldorf downtown and the local officials (financial authorities etc.) are used to foreign companies and welcome them. Of course, I will also be happy to support you if you choose Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or another German city.

Please find in the following a few tax implications and my comments to manage your personal Brexit:

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